Judge Sides With Hospital That Forced Chemotherapy For Amish Girl With Leukemia

Jaganmohan Reddy continues fast in hospital

“We told them if it gets to the point that we cannot do anything for her, we would come back,” he said. After the appeals court decision, the hospital said in a statement Wednesday that its goal is to ensure that the girl receives the most appropriate care based on scientific evidence and added that the allegation has never been about “parental unfitness.” It said neither the hospital nor anyone else is requesting legal or physical custody of the child; instead, the hospital said, this case “involves a disagreement between providers and parents over what course of treatment is best for their child.” Robert McGregor, the hospital’s chief medical officer, said last week that it is morally and legally obligated to make sure the girl receives proper care. He said the girl’s illness – lymphoblastic lymphoma – is an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but she has a survival rate of 85 percent if she continues treatment. Some of the girl’s tumors had gone away after the first round of chemotherapy, but she isn’t yet in remission, the hospital said. “We really have to advocate for what we believe is in the best interest of the child,” McGregor said last week. 2013 The Associated Press.

HCA drops purchase option for Jefferson Parish hospital lease agreement

The MP, who launched the fast in jail on Sunday, was shifted to hospital around midnight amid tight security. Police baton charged Jagan’s supporters who had gathered in large numbers and wanted to enter the hospital. Sporting red T-shirt and black trousers and looking weak, Jagan got down from a police vehicle and preferred to walk into the hospital, though he was offered a wheel chair. Jagan’s mother Y S Vijayamma, wife Bharathi and other family members rushed to the hospital to meet him.

Conjoined twin boys successfully separated at Dallas hospital

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Comment Handout Conjoined twins Emmett, left and Owen Ezell have been safely separated and are doing well, staff at Medical City Children’s Hospital said. The mother of twins successfully separated after being born joined at the chest says she’s looking forward to holding the babies she once thought had no chance of survival. “I’m just so happy that they’re here and they’re alive and thriving. It’s the best feeling in the world,” Jenni Ezell said Thursday during a news conference at Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas, where she was joined by husband Dave and a doctor.

Ohio woman sues Toledo hospital for throwing out kidney her brother donated to her

Dr. Michael Rees, the surgeon who performed the kidney removal, still works at the hospital. The nurse who mistakenly threw away the organ resigned, and another supervising nurse was fired.

West Jefferson Medical Center holds 427 beds, recorded $257 million in revenue in 2012 and employs 1,907. The 420-bed East Jefferson General Hospital generated $373 million last year and employs 2,503. (Read background on the hospitals and their suitors .) HCA’s proposal for a purchase option at the end of the 30-year lease period came to light during Thursday’s discussions . The hospitals would have been required to reimburse HCA for depreciation if the company opted not to purchase, according to the company’s letter of intent to the parish. The parish charter forbids the sale of Jefferson’s hospitals without a referendum.

An Amish girl pears out from a buggy as it rides through an intersection Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013, in Middlefield, Ohio.

The hospital filed to dismiss the loss of consortium claims, but not the medical negligence, according to the Toledo Blade. A university representative told the paper he did not know how much the school had compensated the family thus far. The hospital shut down its live donor transplant program for a time following the incident, but it has resumed after review. The surgeon involved in the transplant, Dr. Michael Rees, still works at the hospital.


Jets coach Rex Ryan shares his experience with lap-band surgery

Manny Alvarez, senior managing health editor at FoxNews.com, spoke to Ryan about his decision to undergo lap-band surgery and his 120 pound weight loss. Though Ryan has been athletic throughout his entire life, managing his weight became a problem as he got older. I never had any idea how much I weighed until one day I got on the scale, and I was 348 pounds, Ryan said. I was an athlete in collegeI weighed probably about 210 when I played, and all of a sudden(it) climbed. However, despite numerous attempts at using diet and exercise to control his weight, Ryan was unsuccessful at keeping off unwanted pounds. I was successful at weight loss probably 50 times, and I gained everything back, Ryan said.

Surgery on the rise for obese teens

After not receiving a different opinion, Hefner appears ready to undergo the surgery that could sideline him through 2014. Hefner said on Aug. 21 that he expected to have the surgery, and while it could keep him out for a full year, he aims to return next year. “Hopefully 10, 11 months I can come back,” Hefner said. “It’s all about how your arm rebounds. I look at it as another challenge in my career and hopefully I can come back stronger from it.” Hefner is 4-8 with a 4.34 ERA this year, but he pitched well.

Matt Harvey has partially torn UCL, may need Tommy John surgery

One surgery-preventing treatment Harvey may seek is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections something that Tommy John-bound pitchers have turned to in the past. There’s debate about whether PRP injections help or postpone the inevitable surgery. Baseball Prospectus has a good read about the process . It points that we often hear about when PRP injections don’t work (see Orioles top pitching prospect Dylan Bundy ) but we don’t always hear about when they do. To hear Harvey talk is to hear someone who might seek the help of PRP injections if they can get him back on the mound quicker. “The last thing anybody wants to do is have surgery if you don’t have to,” Harvey said.

Source: Looks like surgery for Hefner

Longani, who had diabetes and hypertension, ate a lot when he was fat. “Ten to twelve rotis in every meal and lot of junk food,” says Longani, whose waist shrunk from 56 inches to 40 after the operation. He tried losing weight by dieting and exercising but saw no results, and after researching the gastrectomy online, showed his parents videos of people who had lost weight after surgery to get them to agree to the procedure. Prathmesh Mhanvar, an 18-year-old Thane resident battling obesity since childhood underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy at Nova hospital last year. At the time of the surgery he weighed 128 kg; today, at 80kg, he’s hoping to lose more weight to suit his 5’5″ frame. “I want to come down to 70 kg,” he says.

Doctors Fleeing Medicare? Not So Fast, Feds Say

How many doctors are taking new patients under Medicare and private insurance?

Not So Fast, Feds Say by Scott Hensley August 23, 2013 6:53 PM How many doctors are taking new patients under Medicare and private insurance? HHS Are doctors so fed up with Medicare’s stagnant pay and bureaucratic rules that they’re bailing out of the program? Short answer: Yes, some are. Long answer: Not as many as you might have thought.

Doctors clear Alexander for training

In fact, Schaefer recently flew to Dubai to meet with potential investors interested in bringing the fight to the United Arab Emirates, although it seems more likely that if the match is finalized it will wind up in Brooklyn, N.Y., at the Barclays Center. But regardless of where it happens, or even if Alexander fights somebody other than Khan, the key for him is that his damaged left hand is on the mend. Alexander (25-1, 14 KOs), a southpaw, broke the fifth metacarpal bone in the hand during the first round of a defense against Lee Purdy on May 18 in Atlantic City, N.J., and is close to being able to use it again for training. Kevin Cunningham, Alexander’s manager and trainer, told ESPN.com that Alexander, who stopped the overmatched Purdy in the seventh round, is out of his splint and has completed his rehabilitation therapy. “He’s been cleared by the doctor to start training on Monday,” Cunningham said. Cunningham, however, added that he is still waiting to hear from Schaefer and adviser Al Haymon on the particulars of an offer for the proposed fight with Khan (28-3, 19 KOs).

Doctors Face New Scrutiny Over Gifts

The government is bringing in Cuban doctors after failing to attract enough Brazilian and foreign physicians to its “More Doctors” program meant to send professionals to work in needy urban and rural areas for three years. The government created the program following mass street demonstrations across Brazil in which protesters demanded better public services. The effort has drawn the ire of Brazilian doctors, who say there are plenty of homegrown physicians to work in those areas, if only the government would invest in hospital infrastructure and provide better wages in public health care. They also sharply criticize the qualifications of the Cuban doctors. Government officials from President Dilma Rousseff on down have repeatedly criticized Brazilian physicians seeking to block the import of foreign doctors as elitists who only want to work in cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where they can earn big incomes in pristinely equipped private hospitals. In July, the government proposed making medical students work in poor areas as part of their residencies, drawing widespread criticism from doctors as too much official meddling in training.

Brazil Hires 4,000 Cuban Doctors to Treat Poor

Knowing that such transactions will become public has caused him to be more cautious about what fees to accept, he said. He avoids industry reps visiting his office, believing he can get information on new drugs elsewhere. “I’ll continue to weigh the benefits and the negatives, and I think the Sunshine Act and the public reporting of all this stuff makes us think about that,” said Dr. Mandrola. “And I think that’s a good thing.” A benefit of transparency, Dr.

N.J. doctors least likely to accept new Medicaid patients, survey says

Doctors’ boycott continues at PGIMS, patients suffer

She said the federal government expects more doctors to sign on to qualify for the higher reimbursements, then “evaluate the program at the end of the two-year period.” Many doctors arent biting. Peter Carrazzone said he has never accepted Medicaid in his 28 years as a family doctor in Bergen and Passaic counties. When the federal government announced it would raise the rates for two years, he considered it, but declined again. Two years of better rates is not enough, he said. “A lot of Medicaid patients have a lot of problems.

Meanwhile the patients are facing huge trouble due to doctors strike for the third consecutive day on Monday. Mother of a patient identified as Bindu who was rushed to the hospital after she consumed Celphos tablets had attacked a doctor in the emergency ward, alleging negligence. Bindu was declared dead on Saturday morning. Though Bindu’s family members apologized on the behalf of her mother, doctors chose to continue with the strike, highlighting security issues. Doctors even raised slogans against PGIMS director Dr C S Dhull. Meanwhile, services at PGIMS were badly hit and patients from far-off areas were forced to approach private hospitals.

U.S. doctors see American jailed in Cuba

The results of the American doctors

He and his wife, Judy, had sued Development Alternatives Inc., and the U.S. government for $60 million, saying that Gross had not been properly trained to carry out his work in Cuba. The settlement did not include the government. The company hired Gross to fulfill a U.S.

Bill Nighy Turned Down ‘Doctor Who’: Role Has ‘Too Much Baggage’

Bill Nighy Headshot - H 2013

“But I didn’t want to be the Doctor.” Nighy, who next stars in Richard Curtis’ About Time (Nov. 8), saw the pressures attached to playing such an iconic part. PHOTOS: ‘Doctor Who’: 14 Actors and Actresses Who Could Be the 12th Doctor “No disrespect to Doctor Who or anything, I just think that it comes with too much baggage,” he said. Nighy had appeared in a supporting role on a 2010 episode of Doctor Who, “Vincent and the Doctor,” as Dr. Black, with Matt Smith and then-companion Karen Gillan. But Nighy had high praise for 55-year-old Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, who ultimately landed the coveted part .

Michigan doctor held on $9 million bond for misdiagnosing cancer patients in Medicare scam

– A former Indiana doctor will stand trial for first-degree murder in the killings of four people tied to an Omaha medical school that fired him in 2001, a judge ruled Wednesday after the revelation of new potential evidence in the case. Anthony Garcia, 40, from Terra Haute, Ind., is accused of fatally stabbing Thomas Hunter, the 11-year-old son of Creighton University pathologist William Hunter, and the family’s housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, in 2008. Garcia is also charged in the deaths of Creighton pathologist Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary, in Omaha in May. Police and prosecutors say Garcia was motivated by revenge. Roger Brumback and William Hunter had been instrumental in firing Garcia from the Creighton pathology program, prosecutors say. Both men subsequently sent letters to medical boards that prevented Garcia from becoming licensed in several states and from finishing other residency programs.

Doctor Who in NZ? Never say never

“She knew always that in her philanthropic core she couldn’t keep this a secret and be who she is,” Funk says. “She always knew.” PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie’s Cannes Film Festival Fashion Statements Jolie underwent three months of medical procedures, which began Feb. 2 and were completed April 27. The procedures included reconstruction of both breasts with implants, a secret she kept throughout the process from nearly everyone, including her father , Jon Voight.

Angelina Jolie’s Doctor on Her Mastectomy: ‘She Couldn’t Keep This a Secret’

Garcia’s attorneys objected eight times to the detective’s testimony. Attorney Robert Motta said prosecutors had found only circumstantial evidence and no DNA linking Garcia to any of the crimes. Motta also got the detective to admit that authorities can’t say with absolute certainty which day the Brumbacks were killed. Douglas County Judge Darryl Lowe nonetheless ruled that the smartphone and tablet searches, along with evidence of credit card purchases made in and around Omaha near the time the Brumbacks were killed, was enough evidence to send the case to trial. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said he’s not worried about the lack of forensic evidence linking Garcia to the killings.

Anthony Garcia Update: Ind. doctor, suspected in two double homicides, told stripper about killings, police say

Carlebach was a first-generation immigrant, having fled Nazi Vienna with his family in 1938 and resettled in Brooklyn. Young Shlomo and his brother, Eli Chaim, were groomed to succeed their scholarly father (Jamie Jackson), but strayed from that path, drawn as they were to the Hasidic movements exuberant brand of outreach. Shlomo, by then a rabbi, went one step further by picking up a guitar. I bet in synagogue theyll really dig your music, Simone tells Carlebach. Maybe dig a hole to bury it, he says. They have an old liturgical tradition .

Anthony Garcia, Doctor, Told Stripper He Murdered Thomas Hunter, Shirlee Sherman: Cops

They also seized his medical records as they build a case against him. RELATED: FAIRY TALE ENDS FOR STATEN ISLAND LOVEBIRD IDENTITY CROOKS Robert D. Foley, III, the FBI special agent in charge, said in a news release, “Violating a patient’s trust and placing them at risk through fraudulent abuse of our nation’s health care system is deplorable and a crime which the FBI takes most seriously.” The FBI remains committed to the arrest and prosecution of those who commit health fraud, he said. According to ABC News, Angela Swantek, an oncology nurse who spent time at one of Fata’s clinics, said she had first complained to investigators about his alleged wrongdoings in 2010.

‘Soul Doctor’ a journey from temple to tempo

Eric Anderson stars as guitar-playing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in the musical “Soul Doctor,” which doesn’t have much of a prayer on Broadway.

But Smith leaves the role in the yet to be filmed Christmas special, in which he will regenerate into Capaldi. Jackson, who egged Smith on with a challenge for the actor to name a time and a place, is curiously quiet on the idea as he works on his second and third Hobbit films. He has not responded to a Waikato Times request for an interview. The production team, however, said they were keen to come here after the 50th anniversary episode had aired in November this year. Details of the extent of Cross’ involvement in the eighth season since Doctor Who was bought back in 2005 are yet to be confirmed. “I am going back,” Cross said.

Pharmacy Professor Working to Prevent Cancer Drug Shortages

Tiny Florida Pharmacy Blows Whistle on Drug Scam

In other cases, oncology drug shortages may affect numerous disease states, as seen with leuocovorin or liposomal doxorubicin. The clinical impact of these shortages has led to numerous adverse clinical outcomes. Recognizing a need to act, Congress last year passed the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, which includes provisions addressing critical drug shortages. The Act requires drug manufacturers to notify the FDA at least six months (or as soon as possible) before a drug is discontinued or there is an interruption in the production of potentially lifesaving drugs. The FDA is responsible for alerting health care providers when such instances arise. Expedited FDA reviews and inspections to help manufacturing plants stay up and running are also included in the new law. While HOPA supports the steps taken by Congress last year, it acknowledges that economic incentives may ultimately be necessary to help generic drug manufacturers compete with their larger pharmaceutical counterparts.

Lisa Holle, assistant clinical professor of pharmacy practice.

A pair of pharmacies in Quincy and Norwood have been shut down by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy following charges of regulatory violations. The pharmacies are co-owned by Dorchester resident Son Dinh and Christopher Le of Stoughton. The Quincy pharmacy, CarePro, had been granted a license to operate less than eight months before it was officially suspended. The Norwood pharmacy, Medi-Son, has had a license since the end of 2010.

Specialty Pharmacy Times Adds Armada Health Care as Strategic Alliance Partner

Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican who chairs the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, has sent letters to the pharmacy and the nutrition company, seeking emails and other documents regarding their Medicaid payments dating back several years. Issa whom Republicans see as their top investigator in the House, but whom Democrats dismiss as a partisan attack dog gave the firms until Aug. 20 to respond. Richard Azzopardi, a spokesman for Gov. Andrew M.

State shuts down Quincy pharmacy; lax controls alleged

13 (Bloomberg) — A small pharmacy in Key West, Florida, Ven-A-Care of the Florida Keys Inc., helped governments recover $3 billion in fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid billings, and netted $597.6 million for itself along the way. Bloomberg’s David Voreacos reports. This story is featured in the September issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine. (Source: Bloomberg)

GOP says pharmacy with ties to Cuomo got break on Medicaid overpayments

Armada offers pharmacy providers, manufacturers, health plans and wholesale distributors a total channel management solution through customized patient programs, prescription-data-management services, online technology platforms and unique purchasing agreements for Specialty Pharmacy products. Armada also organizes the nations largest annual conference for Specialty Pharmacy providers and other related stakeholders. For more information about Armada, please visit http://www.armadahealthcare.com . About Specialty Pharmacy Times Specialty Pharmacy Times is a leading industry journal serving the business and practice of specialty pharmaceuticals and therapy. The journal focuses on key areas surrounding specialty pharmaceuticals and the enhanced practice needs of pharmacists in this arena. The journal is available at http://www.SpecialtyPharmacyTimes.com .

Agency protocol violated in hospital abduction case, officials say

police published the youngsters photos and conducted a six-hour search spanning the District and two states with the help of the FBI. Child and Family Services Agency maintained that the mother distracted the investigator. But the hospital officials said the video shows the 5- and 10-year-old boys alone with their mother, who is seen being kissed on the cheek by her younger son near a giraffe statue as the social worker walked away to check in at the welcome desk. Hospital officials said the investigators badge would have allowed her to bypass the check-in procedure and immediately take the children to a private room where a D.C. police officer was waiting. She also could have used a separate entrance to avoid bringing the children through the public lobby, the hospital officials said.

UnitedHealthcare Awards $5.2 Million in Grants to California Nonprofits – $710,252 to St. Joseph Hospital

Assemblyman Don Wagner (left) presents a certificate of appreciation to Brian Jeffrey, west region p ...

Nasir Khan and Mark Magnier The attack comes one day after a suicide bombing in the same city that left 30 dead. Adriana Gomez Licon and Mark Stevenson Court overturns 40-year murder sentence of a man considered to be grandfather of trafficking in Mexico. Ashraf Sweilam Egyptian officials said the strike was carried out with Egypts cooperation. Among the detained suspects is Zhang Shuxia, an obstetrician at the hospital who abducted newborns by sometimes falsely claiming the infants were born with congenital problems, it said. Xinhua said police had received 55 reports of child abductions and that Zhang allegedly was involved in 26 of them.

Obstetrician among suspects detained on suspicion of baby trafficking at Chinese hospital

A young boy looks inside a rusted car body in a square near the remaining walls of buildings in the French martyr village of Oradour-sur-Glane, near Limoges, August 6, 2013. Six hundred forty-two inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane, men, women and children, were massacred by soldiers of a German Waffen-SS Panzer division who also destroyed the entire village on June 10, 1944. A new village was built nearby after the war, but the remains of the original village has been maintained as a permanent World War II memorial and museum. Picture taken August 6, 2013 REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol (FRANCE - Tags: SOCIETY CONFLICT)

Gary Knight said. On Tuesday, KFOR reported, paramedics were called to an Oklahoma City hotel, where the baby was found unresponsive. There were no obvious signs of abuse, according to the police report, cited by the station. The father, Michael Dominquez, reportedly told Childrens Hospital staff the boys name is Jacob, and his birth date is May 14, 2013, but much of the information given to the hospital proved to be untrue.

Vt.’s largest hospital approved to plan expansion

Moreau, president and CEO, St. Joseph Hospital. The implementation of our electronic health record system with all of our community partner clinics will provide better access to patient medical records and ultimately improve the quality of care for clinic patients. The latest grant announcement and check presentation was made at La Amistad de Jose Family Health Center, one of the community clinics benefiting from the UnitedHealthcare grant, during a reception that included elected officials, community leaders, hospital executives and UnitedHealthcare executives. I applaud UnitedHealthcare for recognizing the importance of working together with community health centers such as St. Joseph Hospital and its 27 partner clinics, and helping to fund the implementation of a new electronic health records system that will benefit thousands of individuals and families throughout Orange County, state Sen.

Crusader hospital reconstructed in Jerusalem


Rassouli and Voutsadakis to our team, the ADCP returns to a complement of three full-time permanent local oncologists and is again able to work independently of HSNRCP in the provision of oncology-related services. SAH also recently welcomed Dr. Danny Hill to the hospital and ADCP. Dr. Hills training and expertise in hemotology have been of tremendous benefit to ADCP patients suffering from diseases of the blood as well as other patients throughout the hospital. Dr. Hill received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Alberta in 2007, followed by a specialty in Internal Medicine in 2010 at the University of Western Ontario and his Hematology Fellowship from McGill University in 2012.

2-month-old missing from Oklahoma hospital found in Dallas


(AP) Burlington’s Fletcher Allen Health Care has been given permission by Vermont health care regulators to spend $3.7 million to begin planning a new inpatient bed facility that would replace some hospital rooms that are 70 years old. If constructed, the new building with up to 128 beds would take the hospital’s oldest patient rooms out of use for acute patient care. Fletcher Allen officials announced Thursday that the Green Mountain Care Board had issued a Conceptual Development Phase Certificate of Need to begin the planning process. Once the planning has been completed, the hospital would ask the board for a certificate of need to build the project. The hospital says it needs new inpatient rooms that are consistent with modern hospital design standards.

Hospital welcomes two new docs to cancer treatment team

5. Until about 10 years ago, the building housed a busy fruit and vegetable market in the Old City of Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter.But it would have been bustling with patients and doctors during the Crusader period. (The First Crusade was launched as part of a Catholic military campaign to recapture land under Muslim control; it ended in 1099 with the Christian conquest of Jerusalem.) ‘These righteous warriors took an oath to care for and watch over pilgrims.’ – Excavation directors Renee Forestany and Amit Re’em When a developer announced plans to turn the site into a restaurant, the IAA had archaeologists investigate the 900-year-old building, which is owned by the Waqf, a Muslim trust that manages some historic structures in the Old City. Only part of the building was revealed during recent excavations at the site but the medical complex once covered some 3.7 acres.